The Concurrent Enterprising

knowledge Community

The ESoCE-NET, European Society of Concurrent Enterprising Network, is a non-profit Association bringing together academics, researchers and industry practitioners to stimulate the exchange of ideas, views, practices and latest research and developments in the field of Concurrent Enterprising:
Concurrent Enterprising is the co-operation among Companies, possibly geographically dispersed, harmonising their processes and involving Customers and Suppliers for the design and manufacturing of  products and services. Concurrent Enterprising conjugates the Virtual Enterprise concept and the Concurrent Engineering approach into a new business paradigm.
ESoCE-NET is offering to its Members the full potential of a Knowledge Community, to provide members with most useful support in their way to competitiveness through the Concurrent Enterprising paradigm, and with professional opportunities to exploit their expertise.
The role of ESoCE-NET within the vision on Concurrent Enterprising is essentially to be the precursor of a Virtual Community of methodology creators.
As a Community, ESoCE-NET has the mission of promoting and enacting the sharing and exchanging of latest developments in CE, as well as to act as catalyst of CE adoption in Industry, and to promote focused initiatives to widen the knowledge on CE and to complete the methodological framework for the industrial deployment of CE Concepts.

With such mission, ESoCE-NET is adopting a strategy that is based on the involvement of Industry and Research entities, on the promotion of focusing of CE research and development activities on selected areas, on the establishment of relations with outstanding RTD projects, and on the distillation of ongoing RTD results and bridging to rest of Industry.

ESoCE-Net will assemble a critical mass of individuals to develop large integrated projects supporting the implementation of CE scenarios in the information society.

Scope and Objectives
ESoCE Net focuses on extended Product development in a concurrent digital environment, with an integrated view of all Concurrent Enterprise elements: Engineering, Process, Organisation, Human Resources, …

Industry is adopting networked organisations, by increasing the externalisation of non core activities and by setting up partnerships according to the paradigm of Concurrent Enterprise (CE).
CE operate through the dynamic allocation and management of human and technological resources.

The scope of networked co-operative activities expand from product conception to disposal, from aims to actual impact to industry, consumers and society.
Nowadays that the essential element for accessing market share is the ability to rapidly modify and innovate products the competitive advantage is obtained by shifting the focus from efficiency (cost) to creativity (innovative content).

The exploitation of creativity moves the attention from organisational entities to individuals, that re-establish the centralism of the human being in the knowledge society, in a neo-humanistic vision.
Within that frame, ESoCE-Net pursues the following objectives:

  • Capitalize contacts and event organization process, Protect ICE Conference by a trade mark
  • Advancing knowledge on CE by assembling a critical mass of skills & capitalising/distilling knowledge
  • Promoting focused research activities by integrating complementary skills
  • Promoting interregional activities by cooperation of European regions and east Countries, US and Japan
  • Advancing of human skills, training and exchange by integrating Industry and research
  • Supporting technological innovation of SMEs
  • Disseminating knowledge & Best Practices by awareness & readiness improvement
  • Benchmarking by standardised metrics at international level

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