The Concurrent Enterprising

knowledge Community

ESOCE-NET is a non-profit making organization whose knowledge scope is the Concurrent Enterprising (CE), the emerging discipline integrating the Virtual Enterprising concept and the Concurrent Engineering approach into a new business paradigm, implying the concurrent and cooperative development of extended products/ services, processes and organisations.

The ESoCE-Net mission consists of promoting and realizing research in the CE domain, enacting the sharing and exchanging of its latest developments, and performing a catalyst role for its adoption in Industry through focused initiatives to disseminate the knowledge and to support the first implementation of research results. In this context, the emerging methodological approach consists in the establishment of Collaborative Networks of companies and professionals, as enabling mechanisms for the realization of advanced collaborative business paradigms.

Being organized as an international Professional Community associating Industry and Research professionals with expertise in the different disciplines at the base of the Concurrent Enterprising, ESoCE-Net is able to aggregate, in a flexible way, multidisciplinary teams including the blend of competencies best suited for the specific implementation contexts. Typical association activities consist of:

Support to the establishment, development and operation of Collaborative Networks of Companies and of Communities of Professionals, leveraging the organizational structures of Industrial Associations, Clusters, Regional Development Centres and similar entities to support the implementation of services to their affiliates, such as the constitution and management of Virtual Enterprises and Virtual Teams of professionals, the evaluation of collaboration readiness, the qualification of potential members etc.

Support to the optimisation and re-organisation of Value Networks formed by the qualified suppliers of Large Enterprises, to which the collaborative approach can be conveniently applied in order to increase competitiveness.

Consolidation and development of the Collaborative Enterprising Body of Knowledge through the participation in research project financed by the European Commission within FP7 (2007-2013).


Key competences and background

ESoCE-Net has a proven experience in conducting projects aimed at the creation of enterprise Collaborative Networks on behalf of Regional Development Agencies. A reference case is the VEN programme (, launched by the Yorkshire Regional Development Agency called “Yorkshire Forward” (, in which ESoCE-Net, the sole partner coming from outside the UK, was responsible for the identification of the legal and organisational framework for the operational structure aimed at supporting the companies. Furthermore, ESoCE-Net was responsible for the design of the collaborative cluster in aerospace, named LAZIO Connect, on behalf of the financing agency of the LAZIO region, Filas (

ESoCE-Net is one of the major players of the European Research in the area of Collaborative Enterprising and Open Innovation. This role has been achieved through:
Continuous participation to the reference projects in this area financed by the European Commission. An example of current activities is the participation, within the Collaborative Working Environment unit, in three Integrated Project (whose respective focus is on Engineering, e-professionals and Creativity) and to a Co-ordination Action focusing on Living Labs (CO-LLABS, APOLLON and FIREBALL);

Strategic direction of the Research in the field, through activities such as the development of Roadmaps aimed at defining research activities’ development paths towards the CE vision realisation, the organisation of the Annual International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (ICE), and the activities of the AMbient Intelligence (AMI) communities. AMI is a family of communities, including more than 4.500 European multi-disciplinary experts, aimed at the definition of the next generation of collaborative working environments and models. The ESoCE-Net president is currently chairing the family of communities.

ICE, the International Conference of Concurrent Engineering ( Since the early 1990s, ESoCE-Net has been actively involved in bringing together leading academics, researchers and practitioners in a common forum so as to stimulate the exchange of ideas and latest research and developments in the field of Concurrent Engineering and Extended Enterprising. For many years, ICE has become a proactive knowledge community and an engaging meeting place for thought leaders in the domain of Concurrent Enterprising. Since inception this event has evolved and grown in terms of size, nature, number of papers presented quality of papers, quality of proceedings and countries represented. Compared to other events in the domain, ICE is unique for its good balance between industrial and academic participation and the multi-national character of the event.

The ESoCE-Net Industrial Forum (, which aims at offering an opportunity to Industrial players from different market sectors and from different European Regions and to Regional Development Agencies and local Government Bodies to discuss and learn how to mix the three main ingredients for regional success: Collaboration, Competitiveness and Innovation. The idea is to confront challenges, strategies and experiences, to discuss emerging issues and opportunities from the deployment of new methods and approaches for Regional Innovation, starting from space based technology sectors and extending the available practices to other economic and industrial contexts.

ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs (, grouping all the European Living Labs in network, with the main aim of exchanging Best Practices relevant to the Living Labs implementation in the various sectors and to provide policy suggestions to both European and National Policy Makers. Four “waves” (calls for establishing and enlarging ENoLL) have been run since Nov 2006 and have resulted in 212 Living Lab Members. Since 2010 ENoLL has established a legal entity with an operational office in Brussels.

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