People Driven social innovation

Rome, 2 December 2013

Organised by ESoCE-Net and People Olympics for Social Innovation

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The Scenario

The emergence of unprecedented Societal Challenges for the Humanity, as it is the case for Health, demographic change and wellbeing, calls for a new extraordinary participation of the People in the Innovation process. New methodologies and organizational settings are being established to enable Social Innovations.

Social Innovations are innovations that are not only good for society but also enhance society capacity to act. Social innovations take place across boundaries between the public sector, the private sector, the third sector and the household (European Commission DG Enterprise Social Innovation Competition).

There is a need to raise the consciousness of the citizens of the world of their power to activate their collective creative intelligence, and to drive systemic solutions for today Societal Challenges: wellbeing for ALL in an aging society while preserving and improving the planet.

ESoCE-Net, who has contributed in a leading role in establishing the European Network of Living Labs, is proud to announce his new conceptual development of People Social Innovation Platform and its flagship initiative:


Social Innovation Platforms are People Driven Innovation global ecosystems for societal change at large, with the objective of focusing collective intelligence to the Joint Intent of addressing today Societal Challenges. (Roberto Santoro 2013)

Concurrent Enterprising (CE) and Concurrent Innovation (CI) are playing more and more the role of reference approach for supporting Open Innovation approaches.

Movements like Smart Cities and Living Labs have recently emerged as new playgrounds for exploring, experimenting and implementing new applications, products and services delivered by the new Future Internet technological wave. In this context, there is a lot of potential for people and users contribution in Living Labs and Smart Cities, to effectively drive available technology in new products and services, ready to be adopted on a wide scale. Such a potential is however still untapped, since so far there were not reliable methods and tools for involving the users in the design and development process of new products and services.

In such context, ESoCE Net Industrial Forum aims to provide some contributions to address the issues and challenges highlighted by the European Program HORIZON 2020, and, in particular, to provide Industry, especially SMEs as well as Public Administration with mechanisms and tools to profit from People Driven Social Innovation, especially for Health-Wellbeing and Energy Societal Challenges in Smart Cities in the Future Internet.

The program is organized into two sessions:

  • A morning part, built around two main panels of representatives from innovative enterprises, Smart Cities, Professional Associations and Policy makers, providing their own view on People Driven Social Innovation;
  • An afternoon part, organised in parallel working groups, focused on identifying new initiatives contributing to the full adoption of  People Driven Social Innovation approaches in the design and delivery of services for Smart Cities in the Future Internet.
    • People Olympics for Healthy and Acting Living
    • From Creative Design to Business - Innovation Ecosystems Supporting the Growth of SMEs

The event will be closed by a plenary session, aiming at summarising findings and discussing opportunities for launching joint initiatives

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