In the wonderful frame of the 2011 edition of the International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (Aachen, Germany 20 – 22 June), the best three ideas adopting COIN EI / EC Services from the COIN Multipliers Prize context were awarded at the end of a two-day Conference on 22 June.

Among the new future adopters of the COIN Platform and Services, the COIN Project is then glad to welcome:

  • ITA & Capperinno: who received the 1st Award for the idea "Improving Supply Networks in Automotive Industry with COIN Adoption"
  • Università Cattolica di Milano: 2nd Award for "Opengenius and COIN: Steps towards the emergenge of Science 2.0"
  • Kaunas Region Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneur’s (KRASME): 3rd Award for "Food industry in Lithuania: Interoperability in ordering and invoicing processes with COIN piloting adoption".

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