Bilbao: first People Olympics Event last 27 March 2014.

Bubble soccer play in Bilbao

The validation of the People Olympics for healthy and active living concept has already started with a first trial in Bilbao. The trial took place in the framework of an International Conference on Technology, Sports and Wellbeing held at the University of Deusto and organized by GAIA, the Association of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country, and Bilbao Ekintza, the municipal entity that drives the generation of social and economic wealth for Bilbao.

At Bilbao’s trial we counted with all the stakeholders: municipality, industry, young innovators, researchers and people in general:


Number of people





Young Innovators




People in general


The trial consisted of a Bubble Soccer activity in which the participants of the conference had the opportunity to verify people’s enthusiasm to be part of the initiative and demonstrate the fun of promoting physical activity with an innovative sport and the different ways we have to compete for our cities’ wellbeing, fun and social transformation while promoting collaboration with different sectors and enhancing the development and validation of new products, technologies and markets.