First results of 2014 trials in pilot cities and preparation for 2015 large experimentation


A People Driven Social Innovation Initiative

Wednesday 25 June (11:30 - 13:00). The workshop will be held in the frame of the IEEE TMC Europe Conference in Bergamo. Special rates for one-day workshop available at:

People Olympic for healthy and active living: a People Driven Social Innovation Initiative.

People Olympics is a game between cities from all over the world. Each city has a team of 10.000 participants, which reflect its demographics. Team members can track their physical activity through portable devices, which measure diverse physiological data. A system collects all data and updates the real time cumulative fitness activities at city level. It also compares it with the values of the other competing cities.

The aim of the workshop will be to work collectively, identify opportunities and solutions for the 2014 piloting phase (by presenting evidences and experiences of the event already conducted and the ones planned), and plan the large experimentations scheduled for 2015.





  1. The People Olympics Initiative (10 minutes)
  2. The 2014 trial events in pilot cities: Rome, Bilbao, Saint Etienne, Istanbul, Montreal, Taipei, Sofia, Barcelona, Belfast… (40 minutes)
  3. Co-creation activity for the identification of opportunities, approaches and solutions for 2015 large experimentation and ICT supporting tools (PoPApps People Olympics App) (40 minutes)

Looking forward to meeting you all there

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