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The original idea had been to generate new design – urban furniture suitable for a very broad category of users in public spaces. This original idea was subsequently modified by asking the more fundamental question: what do people want in public spaces?

We also wanted to connect the experiment with the competition that the SDC had organized in the late autumn 2012, and build further on the various proposals that the students submitted. The competition task was to redesign a city square or design items to be added to the square applying the principles of design for all (working with an existing square in Bratislava).

Based on the rising popularity of cycling in Bratislava, the SDC decided to use the public space – a street – as a laboratory environment. By modifying the street in favor of alternative forms of transportation and barrier-free solutions, the team created an environment with the potential to be used by many categories of users who tested it in practice and gave their feedback.

  IDeALL is one of six projects launched under the European Commission Directorate General Enterprise and Industry's European Design Innovation Initiative.

The originality of this project is to connect two user-centred communities

  • Living Labs and Design for All professionals
  • to support communities in building their public policy and to increase the competitiveness of companies.


STREET FOR ALL - at the IDeALL Innovation Exchange Day from ESoCE on Vimeo.

People Driven social innovation Conference will be held on 2ND DECEMBER 2013 at the CONFERENCE CENTRE NH JOLLY LEONARDO DA VINCI VIA DEI GRACCHI, 324 – ROME.

ESoCE Net Industrial Forum aims to provide some contributions to address the issues and challenges highlighted by the European Program HORIZON 2020, and, in particular, to provide Industry, especially SMEs as well as Public Administration with mechanisms and tools to profit from People Driven Social Innovation, especially for Health-Wellbeing and Energy Societal Challenges in Smart Cities in the Future Internet.

For registration and additional information:

The IDeALL Project aiming to bring together the Living Lab community with the design community through Design for All is presenting the "Innovation Exchange Day" next January 16th in Barcelona.

Join to discover how user-centered design communities can support Entrepreneurs to innovate.



Odysseus project Odysseus Project is proud to renew the invitation to the Open Rount table Workshop that will be held in the context of ICT for Sustainable Places next 12 September.

The Objective of the workshop is to share projects visions (among the projects that are around the table: Odysseus, Ambassador, IDEAS, EEPOS and INTREPID) on the ICT solution. We believe it is important to mutualize the approaches and lesson learned in the different projects and share a common understanding on the EE neighborhood topics from a technological point of view.

To download the agenda and detailed information regarding topics to be discussed see Odysseus Project Website.

Looking forward to meeting you all there

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