The Concurrent Enterprising

knowledge Community

(2012 – 2014) The originality of this project is to connect two user- centred communities: Living Labs and Design for All professionals (to support communities in building their public policy and to increase the competitiveness of companies). The main objective of Design for All is to provide anyone with access to environments, goods and services, equally and without having to make adaptations. Even today, this clear social need receives hardly any attention from the private sector, or is perceived as a marginal corporate social responsibility (CSR) topic rather than a core business concern. This is despite the fact that organizations which apply Design for All approaches, focusing on users’ needs and behaviour, demonstrate innovation and market competitiveness (IKEA, TOTO, FIAT, Fujitshu, OXO, Nexpresso to name but a few). Considering the social and economic stakes related to Design for All, promoting this approach among companies and public authorities is a key driver for economic performance and social cohesion.

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